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Located in Cookeville, Tennessee, Durco has been focused on meeting the high demands of industry since 1912, with a history of manufacturing valves in a wide range of specialized alloys. Strong engineering, metallurgy and research have produced a broad range of diverse plug and butterfly valves. Durco invented the non-lubricated plug valve for the most corrosive and difficult chemical services where drop-tight shutoff is an absolute requirement. Over 70 years later, there are many imitators but no substitute for the quality, reliability, versatility and value you receive with Durco Sleeveline plug valves. The plug valve industry leader, Durco valves are engineered to handle high temperatures and pressures, corrosive media, lethal toxic and sub-zero fluids and high cycle on-off or modulating services. Durco valves offer the process industries’ widest range of non-lubricated plug valve models, materials and configurations. This provides customers the flexibility to specify valves that meet virtually all their applications needs. Be it with the Durco G4 Sleeveline, the fluoropolymer lined Durco T4E, the Mach 1 or the HF Alkylation Service plug valves.

The Big Max BX2001 is a superior quality and multi-feature double offset high performance butterfly valve, ASME Class 150 and 300 valve available in standard PFA and optional UHMWPE, fire sealed, Apex ™ and TriFlex ® metal seated versions. Offered in 2-inch (50 mm) through 36-inch (900 mm) sizes and in both wafer and lug body designs, all are available in a wide variety of body materials as well as packing options to meet your routine and most rigid service requirements.

The TX3 is a high-performance triple offset, zero-leakage shutoff butterfly valve. The precision seat and seal are machined at an offset angle creating even seat loading around the entire seat ring and eliminating rubbing between the seat and seal during opening and throttling. This design provides repeatable long-lasting zero leakage shut-off. Product Scope Size Range: 3” – 24” ASME Pressure Classes: 150 · 300 · 600 · 900 · 1500 Temperature Rating: -320 to 1500°F (-196 to 820°C) Body Styles: Wafer · Lug · ISO Double Flange · Top Entry Cryogenic Industry Standards: API 609 · ASME B16.34 · API 607 · API 598

Durco BTV-2000 Lined Chemical Service Butterfly Valves meet the design criteria of MSS SP67, API 609 and ISO 5752/20. Conforming to ASME and available to DIN PN10 and PN16 requirements, they are rated from full vacuum to 150 psi (1034 kPa). PTFE liners with PFA discs may be specified to 177°C (350°F). UHMWPE liners and discs may be specified to 93°C (200°F). Applications over 180°F are subject to review. Available in sizes 2-inch (50 mm) through 24-inch (600 mm). Maintenance-Free, Live Loaded Triple-Seal Design Assures Bubble-Tight Shutoff Stem Seals. Unique, energized seat design results in bubble-tight shutoff. A wide variety of optional metallic discs are also available, ranging from 316 stainless steel, Durimet 20 and 254 SMO1 to Monel2, Chlorimet 2 & 3 and palladium stabilized titanium.


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