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Microwave Consistency Transmitter

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The Valmet Microwave Consistency Transmitter (Valmet MCA) is the ultimate device for measuring and controlling total consistency in pulp and paper processes. It uses patented microwave-based technology, which allows it to measure total consistency independent of the fiber length, freeness, wood species or blend present in the process stream.


Solids such as fibers and fillers conduct microwaves faster than water so that shorter microwave transmission times will correlate to higher consistencies. This relationship is linear, making it is easy to calibrate the device regardless of what is being measured. Broken, recycled fiber, or other difficult pulp, is handled without a problem.

Additionally, the measurement is not affected by flow rate, brightness or color, which further contributes to better control of the finish, fewer process upsets and less off-grade product. The Valmet MCA is simple to install: no high-voltage motor, motor starters, special cables or seal water installation is necessary. Therefore, it does not require regular maintenance, and it keeps commissioning and running costs to a minimum.


The benefits offered by the Valmet Microwave Consistency Transmitter (Valmet MCA) are obvious in process conditions where current measuring instruments are affected by process-induced variations. The way it is mounted ensures representative results, eliminating the complicated installation hardware associated with other transmitters. The transmitter makes it possible to apply the process consistency information in higher-level controls. The outcome is more efficient production, improved quality and economic savings.

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